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High Level Baseball Coming to Chanute


High level, fan based baseball will be returning to Chanute after a long absence. The Chanute Hoots will play 25 home games at Katy Park in the summer of 2020. Chanute will be the newest member of the M.I.N.K League. The M.I.N.K League is a college summer wood bat league that operates just like a Minor League Baseball league.  This is not typical amateur baseball. Every game is an immersive event for each fan and for the community. There is pride that comes along with having a team in your hometown. This is as close to a professional sports franchise that some towns can get. Our teams have full time staff, mascots, promotions and even merchandise!

Our Home Field

  Starting in the summer of 2020 the Chanute Hoots will play home games at Katy Park in the historic baseball stadium. A number of improvements including seating, new paint, fencing etc. are slated to begin soon at the stadium.

Sponsorship opportunities




That is the mission statement of the Chanute Hoots. Baseball is awesome, but we realize a baseball game is only part of the show. At every opportunity we look to engage our fans and entertain them. We are an organization that is never typical in our approach to entertaining our fans. This approach allows for a talk of the town experience.   

Our goal is for every fan to leave the stadium cherishing a lasting memory, and your business can be a part of that memory. From stadium signage to stadium give aways; we want your business to be remembered by every fan. 

Shoot us a note at bond@chanutebaseball.com to speak about different ways to involve your business in our show!

become a host family


Open your home to a ballplayer!

  Our college players travel from across the country to play in the M.I.N.K League. We rely on residents of the town to offer a room in their home to our players. Please contact the ball club if you are interested in one of our players to become a part of your family in the Summer of 2020. This is a very unique experience and the relationships last a lifetime. Host families are also entitled to special perks! Email bond@chanutebaseball.com today to fill out a host family application form!


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Our fans are a real part of our team. Send us a message to cheer us on, or ask us a question about our team. We look forward to hearing from you, and we will get back to you soon.